Top Ten Gifts Emma Wants for Her Birthday!

It’s Emma’s birthday month!  Let’s celebrate by taking a look at the Top Ten Gifts Emma Wants for Her Birthday!

1. Chinese Take-Out and Illuminati Socks

  • It’s starting to become cold outside so what better way to keep warm than wrapping your tootsies in funky socks?

  • 2. Table Tennis


  • Want to play Ping Pong but a table is too expensive and too heavy for easy transport? Look no further! This transportable table tennis game would be perfect for vacation and (birthday) parties!

  • 3. Unicorn Snot

    Spruce up any costume, make-up look, or everyday wear with safe, easy to remove glitter! Unicorn Snot makes any day sparkle!


  • 4. Ultimate Werewolf Legacy

  • Much like the original Ultimate Werewolf, work as a team to discover who is who, but this time your actions affect the next game you play…

  • 5. Bouncing Planet Maker

  • If you know me then you know that I love Space and Bouncy Balls. This is the total package! Create your own colorful planet and play with it as much as you’d like.

  • 6. Axolotl Cable Bite

  • Adorable Axolotl! Cable Bites personalize and protect your phone chargers!

  • 7.  Any of the Smiskis series 3 collection

    Brighten up any bed, living, bath, or dorm room with my personal favorite Smiski collection. Each of these Smiskis are an absolute gem.

  • 8. Speks

  • These little balls allow you to create amazing patterns and shapes. They also come in an assortment of colors including my favorite, blue.

  • 9. House of Boing

  • Try to get rid of all of your balls by bouncing them onto your competitors sides! If any game is considered exciting… this would be that game!

  • 10. Avocado Smash

  • Looking for a fun and simple party game? This fast-paced card game will have you yelling “Holy Guacamole” in no time.

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    08 August, 2019


    These are amazing ideas thank you, i will purchase the socks. :)

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