Family Game Night Games at Nerd Herd!

The holidays may be over, but Game Night is forever! Stumped on what to do this weekend? Consider picking up some of these affordable and fun games and accessories!

  • Trivia Packs

These are a great game to have on hand in case of a surprise event as they can be used with no set up time and are an excellent, low-energy way to have fun on a lazy Sunday morning or at a party when you’re looking to break the ice.  A great gift that can be used immediately, anywhere!

  • Tabletop Role Playing Games (that aren't D&D)

Heard of Dungeons & Dragons, but it isn’t quite your scene?  Frightened by large numbers of people?  Just really want to be a kitten? 
Then check out our growing collection of one-book tabletop RPGs such as Monster of the Week, Dungeon World or Laser Kittens!


  • Dice Sets

If you’re looking to get the family into Dungeons & Dragons or another tabletop game, I strongly recommend picking up a few sets of dice so everyone gets a chance to roll their own dice -
it’s convenient and engaging

  • Avocado Smash

Avogo at this fast paced, easy to learn card game! Inspired by snap games, Avocado Smash builds off of a framework many are familiar with, but puts a fresh spin on the formula.
With it’s adorable, compact packaging and simple to learn rules, Avocado Smash is a great, portable game to have on hand

  • Unique Playing Cards

Prefer games you already know?  Want to spice up your usual game of Baloney?  Have you considered our unique playingcards, such as our Invisible Cards, our 3-D Cat cards or our Pixel cards?
The beauty of a deck of playing cards lies in its versatility, and these cards are versatile and unique!


  •  Deblockle

Equal parts puzzle and competition, Deblockle is a captivating 2 player game which is easy to understand but difficult to master.
The goal is to move all four of your blocks to your opponent’s star, all while flipping and sliding your pieces across the board.


  •  Caffeine Hit
  • It’s a race to be the
    most caffeinated, and while that may not sound like a great game to play with younger children, it’s a fun game nonetheless!
    In addition to being quick (just 20 minutes) and entertaining, Caffeine Hit comes with a reusable coffee cup for your own personal cup o’ joe.

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