A Student Run Business

Located at 10 York St. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Nerd Herd is a concept store that is run and managed by local area high school and college students, and is sponsored by local businesswoman, Timbrel Wallace, and her husband Scott, owners of Lark - Modern Marketplace in downtown Gettysburg, PA.

Learning On The Job

Under the direction of the Wallace's and a parental advisory board, the teens, also referred to as "the Herd", are learning valuable business and life skills throughout their experience of building this small business from the ground up. They are responsible for accounting, finance, marketing, information technology, purchasing, and store operations. They go to wholesale trade shows in New York, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Atlanta where they handpick the products in the store. They also refurbish, paint, decorate, and maintain the store's appearance.

Having Fun!

But most importantly, "the Herd" is concentrated on building a fun, safe, and exceptionally nerdy place for people of all ages to come, socialize and find cool stuff. They want this store to be an opportunity for members of the community to come together and enjoy each others' company and interests because everyone really is a NERD about something.