Nerd Spotlight: Nick on Cosmic Encounter

A fleet of starships approaches a seemingly barren planet, weapons ready and shields up, when suddenly the stars go dark.  A split second later, the entire fleet is gone.  Two armies stand at the ready, each rank and file nervously shifts, anticipating the result of the negotiations.  Finally, two figures materialize from a starship hovering in the atmosphere, issuing a declaration of truce.

This is Cosmic Encounter.

What’s up, Nerds?  I’m Nick, and today I’d like to tell you about a game that a friend of mine recently introduced me to.  Cosmic Encounter is set in an alternate reality where an advanced alien race, unable to find any other life despite their superior technology, planted the seeds of life all throughout the universe before going extinct. 

During the game, each player takes control of a race of aliens that evolved after the passing of the first aliens. 

Each race is attempting to gain influence over as much of the universe as they can through military and diplomatic tactics, establishing colonies in foreign solar systems.

Cosmic Encounter is a game that will make you hate your friends, but in the best way possible.  Every time I’ve played this game I’ve wanted to play it again right afterward, whether to get revenge on the person who won or to continue my reign as champion of the cosmos.

Any way you look at it, Cosmic Encounter is a fun time waiting to happen!

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