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          Virginia’s top 10 Items for travel!

 With everyone going on vacations, I scoped around to find the best travel items to take with you! Whether land, sea or sky, Nerd Herd has fun things to occupy you!


1. Qwirkle Travel

Qwirkle just got easier to pack with Qwirkle Travel Size! This classic game is now offered with smaller tiles and a small zippered pouch so you can take this beloved matching game on the go for family fun anywhere, anytime!




2. World’s Smallest Rock’em Sock’em Robots 

These small figurines are replicas of the retro game where you try to knock out your opponent! These robots are fully operational and they come with display bases. With these you can battle anywhere!



3. Extreme Dot-to-Dot

Not your ordinary dot to dot books!  These Extreme Dot-to-Dots are a series of connect the dot books with high numbers and intricate pictures to complete. Combined with some colored pencils, you have an opportunity to create beautiful art right in your lap! We have many different versions that one has to peak your interest. Woodland, folklore, dogs, cats, and architecture! You could never be bored wherever you’re going.




4. Chess and Checkers Travel edition


If you’re a fan of strategy games, we have many puzzles, and mind expanding games. If you’re strongly committed to chess and checkers, we have a travel set for you to take anywhere! Pieces have a solid color on one side and chess icons on the other. The fabric board has a zipper pouch to store the pieces and can roll up and snap closed so this classic can go anywhere with you!




5. Who Would Beat Who?


This card game creates unheard of mashups between random characters or people and players need to answer the simple (yet not-so-simple!) question of who would beat who!  Fun conversation starters that offer up to 2,500 potential combinations! Comes in a durable plastic container making it a great game on the go!







6. Smiskis
These small, adorable figurines made of a durable, hard vinyl glow in the dark and are in funny little poses and stances.  A little friend you can take with you on your travels!







7. Meffert's puzzle keychains


These small keychains are puzzles that you can attach to any bag or key chain where you can solve it how ever many times you want!





8. Curve Ball Puzzle

In this mind-bending puzzle, twist and turn a chain of colorful orbs into countless unique shapes. Solve all 18 challenges and you're ahead of the curve. It is a small portable puzzle that is fun no matter how many you times you play it!




9. Fifteen Puzzle


This is an old fashioned slide puzzle that comes with a small portable clasped pouch. It comes with 30 different challenges on how to solve the puzzle. It is fun and complicated every time you play it.




10. Crazy Aaron's Mini Thinking Putty


This next generation putty does more than just copy newspaper comics!  Colored versions are not only vibrant, but you can also tear it, bounce it, twist it, and mold it in your hands.  And these mini versions mean you can take them anywhere with you!

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