Nerd Spotlight: Carley on Mansions of Madness

The Nerds took a step into the mystical through
Mansions of Madness!


This fully cooperative eldritch thriller immerses the players in harrowing situations involving lovecraftian horrors and intriguing mysteries inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.



Mansions of Madness Second Edition is now guided by a companion app that removes the need for a Keeper player, makes for a fully cooperative game, allows for single player gaming, and makes setup quick and easy. 



Through the free interactive app, players are guided through a variety of scenarios of differing expertise.
The app can randomly generate the maps, thus making a pass through every threshold a surprise,
no matter how many times you play!


Gather your favorite detectives and buckle up to fight monsters, solve crimes, and explore shady cities in
Mansions of Madness!
Start your journey today at Nerd Herd Gifts and Games!



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