Top Five Things Virginia wants for her birthday!

Virginia's birthday is coming up!  Let's see what's on her birthday wish list!

1. Peach Snaps

Peach Snaps is a fun card game where you try to beat your friends by running out of your cards 3 at a time.
You have power up cards like Freeze, New Pile, and Clear Hand. When you run out of cards you have to yell “Peach Snaps!” and snap your fingers while you say it!








2. Speks Cherry Pop

This is a red/light metallic pink version of Speks that you can fidget with on your desk, waiting somewhere, or going anywhere as it comes in a small portable box that is easy to carry.
A cool trinket that's very pretty!


3. Mad Mattr Anti-Mattr

This is a cool white color of the original Mad Mattr formula.
It’s a fun thing to play with in your spare time as it never dries out and has a portable case.












4. They See Me Rollin' T-Shirt

This shirt is a real chuckle as it depicts a D-20 die walking and the text says “They see me rollin”.



5. GiantMicrobes Common Cold

This plushy is your worst enemy throughout the year, the common cold! But this cuddly, blue one from GiantMicrobes is one you’ll want to catch!
The tag describes the virus and gives great information.  Even though it’s an infectious disease, it's pretty cute!


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