Nerd Spotlight:  Emma on It Dies With Me

Do you know someone with secrets you are dying to hear? Do you have secrets to spill but never the appropriate time to divulge your peers?
Never fear for Nerd Herd is here with the perfect game to aid you in all of your secret telling schemes: “It Dies With Me”!

At the beginning of each game a real life secret of a player is placed in an envelope. In order to unveil this secret you have one objective: WIN!


To win, players choose a number on the die and hide it under their coffins, to either move toward the secret or draw cards.

However there is a catch. If you want to learn the secret you must be willing to devour it so it really does die with you! Not to fear, the secret is written on rice paper with a food coloring pen, ready to be digested by the successful winner.




With simple game mechanics and fast paced rounds, tasty secrets are sure to be revealed in the most fun way possible! So stop in to Nerd Herd Gifts & Games to pick up a copy and prepare to learn a lot about your friends and yourself!

For ages 13 and up;  4 - 6 Players;  Game play time 20 minutes.

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