Sam on Japanese-American Pop Culture

The Japanese-American pop culture exchange is very prominent for young adults in both countries. Americans have found entertainment in Japanese music, manga, anime, and more recently, collectible desk toys.
Nerd Herd carries a bunch of fun toys currently popular in Japan. We have gudetama, smiskis, mochi squishies, and plush squishies.

Gudetama: the lazy egg is a character created by Sanrio, a company who produces products that focus on cute culture. Gudetama is a relatable character who everyone loves. Merchandise ranges from pouches to plushies.

There are two types of squishies that are really fun to collect. Mochi squishies are 2 inch silicone animals; they are cute! And plushie squishies that are larger. They are like stress toys but softer.

Smiskis are cute 2.5 inch figures that hide in small corners. They glow in the dark so they can be seen at any time! There are five different series of Smiskis with seven different positions in each series, with one position being a secret. Each box is blind so you won’t know what is in it until it’s opened. These collectables are very cute and a fun conversation starter!

All of these toys are very cute and super fun to collect! They originally became popular in Japan but are currently a big trend in America too. Come in to Nerd Herd to get some of these awesome toys!



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