NERD SPOTLIGHT: Jesse on Selfish Space Edition












Humanity has always had a base fascination with the stars, from the earliest mapping of constellations up to the present day ventures into the vast unknown above us. Equally so, humans have been well known to treasure few things more than their own lives, and in no situation more so than the potential dangers of the unexplored. Thus Selfish is a game of exploration, both of space and of yourself, or rather, to what extent you are willing to go to survive.

Put simply,Selfish: Space Edition takes the inquisitive nature of yourself and your group of (former) friends to the brink as you are left stranded outside of your space shuttle. Use both spare oxygen canisters to keep you alive as you float towards your deserted shuttle...with room for only one to escape. Use lasers to stun your opponents, siphon off their oxygen for your own, but be wary of the stellar hazards, such as wormholes, solar flares, and asteroids, all threatening to lurch you off course.

With limited resources at your disposal,Selfishis as much a race against time as it is a devious game of backstabbing and treachery. Yet fear not, even should you lose the first time, or the entire crew perish in the vacuum of space, there is always time to play another round as the games are short and bittersweet.





As Ricardo Montalban said as Khan:

“Revenge is a dish best served cold...and it is very cold in space.



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