Nerd Spotlight: Margaux’s Top Five Nerds

Top 5 Nerds that I’m thankful for:

  1. Carrie Fisher
    Arguably one of the best Nerds in pop culture history, Carrie Fisher makes the top of my list. Carrie Fisher is most popularly known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars series; however she also wrote four novels and three memoirs, all while helping to improve numerous Hollywood scripts. Carrie Fisher also bravely spoke on subjects (such as addiction, bi-polar disorder, and sexism in the entertainment industry) that many female celebrities refrained from speaking about. I am extremely thankful for Carrie Fisher because of everything she did. Her portrayal of Princess Leia inspired millions of women around the world by showing a strong and intelligent female character in a leading role. When Carrie Fisher was willing to talk about subjects such as addiction, mental illness, recovery, and sexism, she showed not only her fellow celebrities, but her fans that it is better to talk about these topics than let them go unnoticed. Carrie Fisher was inspirational and influential, and I am very thankful for her.


  1. Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

    Seeing as all of my favorite superheroes and villains come from DC comics, I am very thankful that Malcom Wheeler-Nicholson decided to found them. (He founded the company while it was still National Allied Publications. Soon the Detective Comic series was published and the initials became the new name of the company as Batman grew more and more popular.) Malcom Wheeler-Nicholson made the decision to publish the first book that contained entirely original comics, thus starting the rise of comic books as we know them today.

  2. Barbara Gordon

    While she may be fictional, I am still very thankful for Barbara Gordon for being an inspirational character. For starters, she is a librarian and an incredible detective. She is also one of my favorite superheroes, not only as Batgirl, but as Oracle. She is portrayed as incredibly intelligent and strong. Barbara Gordon takes control of her own life, she doesn’t wait for anyone else to save her, and I love that about her. And honestly if Joss Whedon wants to cast me as Batgirl, I wouldn’t complain. In all seriousness though I am very thankful that Barbara Gordon is such an important character in the Bat family because her character is so incredibly important for young girls to see.

  1. Jon Gilmour and Isaac Vega

    I’m very thankful for Gilmour and Vega because they are the creators of Dead of Winter, one of my favorite board games. The game is semi-cooperative (as you may or may not have a secret objective to betray other players) and varies each time you play it. This game also contains the scariest die-roll of any game I’ve played in that you could have a roll that just instantly kills your character. It is a lot of fun and Jon Gilmour and Isaac Vega did a fantastic job designing it.

  1. Niichi Matoba

    As I am a Southerner living in the cold, wintery lands of Pennsylvania, I get cold fairly often. That’s why I’m thankful for Niichi Matoba, the Japanese inventor who created commercial hand warmers. He did this by containing an oxidation reaction with platinum catalysts that produce heat.

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