NERD SPOTLIGHT:  Carley on Foam Sweet Foam soaps & Secular Saint candles

Think clean and squeaky while your idols melt your worries away with our Foam Sweet Foam soaps and Secular Saint candles!

These fun soaps are cruelty free and made with all natural ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter, among other wonderful scents and good feeling ingredients like olive oil, cucumber oil, and grapeseed oil!  From Freud’s Wash Fulfillment to The Joy of Bathing with Bob Ross, there are many fun soaps to liven up your bathroom experience.

Some popular soaps are the Uranus Soap, an unscented soap that contains goat’s milk for all your planetary needs, and Mister Rogers’ Bath Soap contains buttermilk for a special bath.  It’s such a good feeling!

Secular Saint candles are sure to grant your desires ("I need romantic lighting") and aid the powerless ("I need light until the power comes back on").  Show your personality with these colorful, witty and vibrant candles!  The back of the candle shows their patronage, saint's day, and a unique prayer to inspire and enlighten.

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