Mason's Top 5 Stocking Stuffers

Dreamscape dice set

This dice set is perfect for that special D&D or any other dice game-obsessed son, daughter, mother, or father.  These dice feel perfect in hand and they are perfectly weighted.
If you want to be the person with the coolest dice at a D&D session then look no further than Dreamscape dice.


Elephant Love socks & earrings

These socks and earrings are perfect for your elephant loving friend or family member.  Just the right size to put in a stocking!
Nerd Herd has so many styles of socks and earrings, you could even wrap them as their own cute gift!





Mad Mattr

Squishable…mashable…moldable!  Here’s a toy that’s tons of fun!  It’s the perfect gift for the holidays because with winter comes bad weather and undoubtedly you will be stuck inside one day or another.  Mad Mattr will keep your recipient occupied for hours!  There are several colors to choose from, and Mad Mattr never dries out meaning you have tons of time to create whatever is in your imagination!



Plus-Plus is the perfect toy for all ages.  The perfect stocking stuffer for those on your list who like to build!  In each tube there are 70 pieces that can be made into the specific design on the tube, or you can make your own.
The fun doesn't stop there!  Combined with other tubes, you can use all the pieces and let your imagination run wild!





This is another great game to play when you’re indoors.  Coilz is a game with 100’s of different ways to play!  You could play by the rules on the rule card or you can create your own ways to play.
As a bonus, there are tons of different cool designs on the springs! Collect them all!



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