Mason's Top 5 Phone Accessories

Pop Socket

Need something to help you hold your phone? Then look no further than a Pop Socket! This handy little device helps you hold your phone in a comfortable position.  Fully expanded, it is great for phone calls and can aid you in the quest to get the perfect selfie, and when finished it compacts virtually flat to the phone. With so many designs, you can customize your look just about any way you can think of!  You can also put two on your phone and have a way of coiling up you earbuds so that you don't have to deal with those pesky tangles.


Pop Wallet

Need quick access to your cards? Then the Pop Wallet is the thing for you. This nifty little accessory holds three of your cards and is super easy to use!  Just put your finger under the mesh part of the wallet and push up, and POP you now have access to the cards you put into it. Several designs to choose from. This Wallet is also big enough to mount a pop socket.


Pop Mount

This is the Pop Socket phone accessory’s mounting addition. This gadget is the mount for the Pop Socket you can stick anywhere where you want to mount your phone to go hands-free...  in the car, on your computer, in your room to name a few.
As long as you have a hard surface, you can go vertical!





Cable Bite Charger

This adorable accessory for your phone looks like an animal is eating your phone cable but it's actually a great way to protect your phone cord from breaking!

Just put it on the end of your charging cable and you now have a cute little animal protecting your cable, even while your phone is charging.



Cable Bite Big

This equally adorable accessory does the same thing that your Cable Bite Charger does, except it protects your charging cord on the block plug. It also looks just as cute as the normal Cable Bite, and who doesn't want your charging block to look like it’s getting eaten by a shark, lion, or alligator!

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