Unlock! Star Wars

UNLOCK! is a series of story-driven, cooperative, escape room-style games, where up to six players solve riddles and combine items to overcome various challenges.

UNLOCK! Star Wars is a TRIO of exciting Star Wars stories where you... Escape from the ice planet Hoth... Break out of an Imperial Star Destroyer... Recover kyber crystals on the ancient moon, Jedha!

With one hour on the clock, players work through a deck of sixty cards (each adventure) as a team, searching for clues, combining objects, and solving puzzles.

The free Unlock! companion app runs the timer while also providing clues, offering hints, and confirming successes. Once the team has reached a solution and entered the correct code into the app, they will escape and win the game!

Nothing is destroyed while playing the game, so adventures can be attempted multiple times!

Contains:  180 scenario cards, rulebook, solution rulebook, 1 map, and 10-card tutorial that allows you to learn how to play without reading the game rules.

*Note: Unlock! requires a free application to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Ages: 10+;  1-6 Players;  Gameplay: 60 minutes.

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