The Game Master's Book of Villains, Minions, and Their Tactics

A game master’s biggest challenge can be prep time. With busy lives in mind, this book provides new and exciting content to help GMs save hours of time preparing for a game.

Inside, readers will find twenty-five “Big Bosses,” along with insights into how they use their minions strategically in order to decimate any heroic threat that might cross their paths.

The Game Master’s Book of Villains, Minions and Their Tactics provides tips and strategies that readers can use to “drag and drop” a BBEG into a new or existing game, with full color illustrations, lore, stats, combat tactics, and special abilities for each exciting entry. 

Authors: James J. Haeck, Jim Pinto, Aaron Hübrich, Dan Dillon, Vall Syrene, Alexander Lafort, Hunter Henrickson.

Hardcover;  256 pages.

11.2 x 8.8 x 0.7 inches.

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