Quotable Notable: Nikola Tesla Card

Customize your card with sticker quotes!  Each card comes blank with a collection of greetings and quotes from each vibrant personality.

Although several of Tesla's contemporaries parlayed their patents into great fortunes and built empires that stand today, Nikola Tesla’s obsession was the work itself, so he died broke and in debt. If only he had the business savvy of his former boss (that guy Edison) or the financial skills of the inventor/industrialist who licensed his work (a different guy named Westinghouse). Tesla is a hero to scientists, outsiders, artists, eccentrics, and those of us who somehow always find ourselves with nothing to do on Saturday night.

Send someone this dazzling die-cut card depicting the Wizard of Shoreham, New York.*

Each card is approximately 9” x 4” and comes with its own envelope.

*Give it time. This nickname will catch on.

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