Selfish - Zombie Edition

Totally selfish behavior and utter ruthlessness will be needed to stay alive in this game! Only one person can survive the zombie apocalypse and get to the safety of the rescue helicopter! Use the remaining survival supplies to advance through a wasteland overrun with the undead, battling against broken ankles, roving bandits and most dangerous of all, each other, to win!

Gameplay continues even after you’ve turned into a flesh-eating zombie, where you'll use your turns to terrorize and prevent your fellow players from winning the game! Full of clever puns and pop culture references too!  Don't forget to share your most selfish victories on social media using #selfishgame!

Contains: 5 Player Cards, 41 Wasteland Cards, 48 Supplies Cards, 33 Game Cards, 5 Reference Cards, 1 Chopper Card, 1 Zombie Dice, 1 Mission Guide.

Ages: 7+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 20 minutes.