My Shelfie

You've just taken home your new bookshelf and now it's time to put your favorite items in the display: books, plants, boardgames, portraits, prizes - and don't forget to leave space for your cats! Who will create the most organized bookcase?

My Shelfie is a game for everyone, with simple rules, strategic choices, and a nice 3D touch. You will find that rearranging your belongings has never been so fun!

A game of strategy and glance, different every time thanks to the variety of common and personal goals. 

Contains:1 Living Room Board, 4 Bookshelf Displays, 12 Common Goal Cards, 132 Item Tiles (22 of each of the 6 types), 12 Personal Goal Cards, 4 Card Holders, 8 Scoring Tokens, 1 First Player Seat, 1 End Game Token, 1 Bag.

Ages: 8+;  2-8 Players;  Gameplay: 30 minutes.

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