Midnight Brunch

Will players be able to pick the best group of these monstrous diners to share the nicest portions of Midnight Brunch?

Every turn, players should try to get the best score by adding the different values of their Monster cards, possibly with the helpful effects of some special cards. Using a betting mechanic, players will have to point to the food they want to eat. But they have to evaluate their score well and try to guess the opponent's hand: are they bluffing or not? Will it be better to focus on substandard foods and risk being left dry or having little or no rest? Whoever is the most skillful and lucky at the end of 6 rounds of banqueting will be the winner.

Contains: 68 monster cards, 35 call cards, 30 brunch cards, 21 midnight cards, 1 host card and rules.

Ages: 8+;  3-7 Players;  Gameplay: 30-40 minutes.