Mazescape Kids - Hipnos

Just before bedtime, as you are on the border of dreamland, a light surprises you from the corner of your bedroom. Colorful clouds form on the ceiling and slowly form shapes before your eyes. Not understanding how or why, you’ve found yourself in the dreamlike world of Hypnos. Find your way out! To do so, sharpen your wits, patience and powers of observation.

Mazescape is a fascinating single-player logic game that will challenge even the most inquiring minds. In order to complete the seven maps included in the box you must find the exit and, if you dare, discover all the secondary objectives without lifting the pointer from the path; you can only bend the map to find the shortcuts. What awaits us beyond the last frontier?

A helpful QR code provides hints for each section.

Contains: 7 different mazescapes with additional secondary objectives, a pointer, a helpful QR code, and rules.

Ages: 8+;  1 Player;  Gameplay: 15-90 minutes.