Mozart died and was unable to conclude his Requiem. A work of such magnitude cannot remain unfinished. The finest and most talented composers of the age must be hired in order to finish the score.

In Lacrimosa, you become one of the patrons of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who is willing to fund the completion of his unfinished Requiem. You will have to find the best composers, remember the most interesting moments in Mozart's life, and do everything possible to leave your imprint as the most important patron of the genius.

During the game you will be playing cards from a limited hand that you will improve as the game progresses. These cards can be played either as actions or as resource generators and players will need to optimise their resources and finances in order to support our best version of the story and our relationship with Mozart.

Contains: Rule book, 1 main board, 4 Player boards, 4 Game summary tiles, 1 First Player marker, 4 scoring shield tokens, Money, 45 Story Point counters, 1 Mozart's Journeys marker, 4 gewneric Requiem markers, 5 Constanze cards, 10 Constanze counters, 40 starting cards, 4 Composer portrait tiles, 48 player pieces, 11 Soloist cards, 60 Composer tiles, 15 City tiles, 34 Memory cards, 46 Opus cards, 15 Period Bonus tiles, 16 Royal Court tiles

Ages 14+; 1-4 Players; Gameplay: 90+ minutes

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