Embark on an epic journey as a fearless Viking in Karvi: a game full of raiding, trading, and expansion, set in the legendary viking era. 

Strengthen the skills of your crew by upgrading your ship and hiring stronger warriors. Whether you wish to establish new trade routes to secure rare goods or battle distant settlements to plunder their riches, your path to glory is yours to choose. But make sure to remember to stock up on beer and bread, so you have enough supplies to outmaneuver the competing clans.

With countless strategies to explore, Karvi is a complex game that will test your skills and foresight at every turn.

Contains: 1 game board, 5 tableaus, 4 unique ships, 90 cards, 150 tiles, 8 custom dice, 83 wooden pieces,7 folding boxes.

Ages: 12+;  2-4 Players;  Gameplay: 2 hours.

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