Idiom Addict

Idiom Addict™ is the party game that challenges players to decipher idioms and common phrases.

Correct answers will certainly always be “on the outer edge of your mouth muscle” (tip of your tongue), but in this uproarious game it’s how fast you answer which determines who is the “uppermost canine”! (top dog)

Decipher idioms and common phrases from clues read by opposing teams to advance on the game board. But don't be a sourpuss if your team loses. Because win or lose, you'll give your brain's language centers a workout.

Contains: 400 double-sided cards with 1,200 mixed messages and 1,200 synonym twists, 1 game board, 1 specialty die, 1 30-second timer, 4 different colored pawns, and instructions.

Ages 10+;  4 or more Players.

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