HINT is the party game where your team-mates have to guess what on Earth you’re trying to hint at! The challenge is to draw, talk, mime and hum about anything and everything. Play HINT to take a hint, give a hint and, if you’re really good, steal a hint!

The Wheel - Choose your challenge from the card wheel. If you ignore a challenge, the wheel might make you take it next time.

Hot Topics - Everything's on the table, from the ancient past to the hottest pop culture. If you and your teammates can get on the same wavelength, you'll roar into the lead!

The Forbidden Answer - Beware of wild guesses! There's always a forbidden answer you team can't say out loud.

Time Is Running Out - Think fast! You only have 90 seconds to hint at the five different objects.

Contains: 1 Cover Sheet, 1 Card Wheel, 2 Playing Sheets, 450 Cards, 1 Whiteboard, 1 Pen, 1 Cloth, 1 90-second Sand Timer, 1 Sticker Sheet,  and 1 Game Guide.

Ages: 14+;  4-10 Players;  Gameplay: 45 minutes.

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