China, 1570. China is under the reign of the Longqing Emperor, of the Ming Dynasty. He is trying his best to eradicate the incessant corruption plaguing the country, but the officials working inside the walls of the Forbidden City (now called Gùgōng) have found a way to receive bribes without getting noticed: the exchange of gifts.

You take on the role of a prominent Chinese family, trying to raise its influence through bribery and cunning tactics. Travel throughout China to collect taxes, help reconstruct The Great Wall, gather precious jade, benefit from special decrees, sail along the Grand Canal, use intrigue against your opponents and, ultimately, try to get an audience with the Longqing emperor himself. Do you have what it takes to outsmart your rivals? Find out in Gùgōng!

Contains: 1 Game Board, 5 Player Boards, 1 Round Marker, 1 Start Player Marker, 1 next Start Player Marker, 38 Gift Cards, 11 Solo Cards, 32 Travel Tokens, 6 Bonus Travel Tokens, 15 Decree Tiles, 20 Jade, 15 Grand Canal Ships, 60 Servants, 5 Double Servants, 5 Travellers, 5 Envoys, 5 VP Discs, 5 Intrigue Markers, 3 Destiny Dice, and Rulebook.

Ages: 12+;  1-5 Players;  Gameplay: 90 minutes.

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