Gloom 2nd Ed: Unwelcome Guests Expansion

They say misery loves company, but the families of Gloom probably aren't too thrilled by houseguests. Delight in their suffering with the Unwelcome Guests expansion. This expansion adds Guests who move from family to family, providing persistent effects that add a welcome twist to the Unwelcome gameplay.

Unwelcome Guests adds a new family — the Malone mob.  New Modifier cards also include persistent effects. Play them to greatest effect to achieve the heights of sorrow and win the game.

Enhance your family's misery with unbearable Guests, or pawn disgustingly happy ones off on other families by playing their trigger cards.

*This expansion requires Gloom: Second Edition to play, and adds one player.

Contains:  one 55-card deck of transparent cards in a double-width tuckbox.

Ages: 13+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 60 minutes.

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