Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall

Misery and mysteries abound at Hemlock Hall, the imposing estate of Lord Wellington-Smythe and his eccentric family of misfits. When you’re invited inside for an evening’s entertainment, what could possibly go wrong? 

Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall is a darkly humorous stand-alone competitive storytelling card game for 2-4 players. To win, you make your characters suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on to the well-deserved respite of death. The player with the most negative score wins. 

Gloomier adds 14 new Guests and 6 new Stories — more of the best of Gloom!

Contains: 110 transparent plastic cards (including 14 new Guests, 6 Story cards, a new cast of characters, and a variety of new Modifier and Untimely Death cards to bolster your tragic tales), and 12-page, totally redesigned rulebook.

Ages: 14+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 45-60 minutes.

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