Gecko Run: Trampoline Expansion Pack

Gecko Run takes classic marble runs to the next level!

Gecko Run can use your doors, windows, cupboards, bookcases – virtually any smooth surface – to become part of your track, allowing you to build higher with fewer pieces.

Get hopping with the Gecko Run: Trampoline Expansion Pack! Can you position the trampoline so that the marble flies really far? Can you bounce it downward, or catapult it up to a higher track? See the physics of projectile motion, elastic collision, and trajectory in action.

The Trampoline Expansion Pack comes with over a dozen pieces to complement the Gecko Run Starter Set, including a repositionable trampoline; additional marbles and nano-adhesive pads; 2 extra tracks; and more.

The versatile tracks are made from renewable, durable, and sustainably sourced raw materials.

Intuitive - Mess-free - Open-Ended - Educational

Contains: 12 pieces, and manual with tips, tricks and challenges.

Ages: 8+.