Gecko Run: Marble Run Starter Kit

Gecko Run takes classic marble runs to the next level!

With new creative challenges and less restrictive building requirements, this innovative marble run uses a specially designed system of flexible tracks that does not require any support structures.

Gecko Run can use your doors, windows, cupboards, bookcases – virtually any smooth surface – to become part of your track, allowing you to build higher with fewer pieces.

Attach the tracks to surfaces with the help of clever nano pads, which work like nanoscopic suction cups, to create a strong, but temporary bond. These non-glue based pads can be quickly and easily repositioned many times without damaging adhesives or sticky residue. A quick wipe with a microfiber cloth will keep your pads ready for action!

The versatile tracks are made from renewable, durable, and sustainably sourced raw materials.

Intuitive - Mess-free - Open-Ended - Educational

Contains: 63 pieces, and manual with tips, tricks and challenges.

Ages: 8+.