Eldritch Horror

The world stands on the brink of catastrophe. The year is 1926, and an elder being of unfathomable power threatens to awaken from its long slumber, bringing death and madness in its wake. Now, you and your trusted circle of colleagues must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror. Foul monsters, brutal encounters, and obscure mysteries will take you to your limit and beyond. All the while, you and your fellow investigators must unravel the otherworldy mysteries scattered around the globe in order to push back the gathering mayhem that threatens to overwhelm humanity. The end draws near! Do you have the courage to prevent global destruction?

With twelve unique investigators, two hundred-fifty tokens, and over three hundred cards, Eldritch Horror presents an epic, world-spanning adventure with each and every game.

Contains:  Game Board, 1 Reference Guide, 12 Investigator Sheets, 4 Ancient One Sheets, 51 Mythos Cards, 36 Encounter Location Cards, 32 Research Encounter Cards, 24 Other World Encounter Cards, 18 Expedition Encounter Cards, 16 Mystery Cards, 12 Special Encounter Cards, 40 Asset Cards, 36 Condition Cards, 20 Spell Cards, 14 Artifact Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 78 Health and Sanity Tokens, 43 Monster Tokens, 36 Clue Tokens, 30 Improvement Tokens, 20 Travel Ticker Tokens, 20 Eldritch Tokens, 9 Gate Tokens, 4 Rumor Tokens, 1 Active Expedition Token, 1 Doom Token, 1 Omen Token, 1 Lead Investigator Token, 1 Mystery Token, 4 Dice, 12 Plastic Stands, and instructions.

Ages: 14+;  1-8 Players;  Gameplay: 2-4 hours.

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