Over millions of years of evolution and adaptation, the flora and fauna of this unique planet have grown and developed into amazing life-forms, creating beautiful, symbiotic ecosystems and diverse habitats. 

It's time to create your island - a 4x4 tableau of self-supporting growth, expansion and supply where even the cards you don't need become compost for future gain. 

At the end of the round where a player "plants" their 16th card to complete their island, everyone tallies their earned points to reveal the winner.

Earth is an open-world engine builder with simple rules but many strategic possibilities. 

Components: 283 Earth cards, 145 Sprout cubes, 105 Soil tokens, 88 Trunk pieces, 74 Canppy pieces, 25 Leaf tokens, 32 Ecosystem cards, 23 Fauna cards, 10 Island cards, 10 Climate cards, 6 solo mode ards, 5 Player boards, 1 Active player token, 1 First player token, 1 Fauna board, 1 Score pad, and rulebook.

Age: 14+;  1-5 Players;  Gameplay: 45-90 Minutes.