Get your mental gears spinning with this bending, clicking, shape-shifting brainteaser!

Moving from one challenge card to the next, it's up to you to fold this connected collection of sixteen colorful gears into the perfect positions that match each image.  Start out with the first card and it might seem easy. But keep on working through medium, hard, and extra hard - "Wait, if this color's here, then how can that one be way up there?"  It's not long before your synapses are in a jam and you're forced to shift to a higher gear of thinking!

And that's just with the color gears... Flip Coggy over to reveal gears of alternating black and white and then find one of the black and white challenge cards.

Coggy doubles as a great fidget toy too with its clicking movements and 255-degree flexibility.

Encourages visual-spatial skills, critical thinking, logic.

Contains:  one Coggy brainteaser (double-sided: color/black & white) that extends to measure 14 inches long, 40 challenge cards (4 levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard), and detailed instructions.

Ages: 6+;  1 Player.

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