Clades: The Evolutionary Card Game

In biology, a "clade" is a complete branch of the evolutionary family tree. This idea has revolutionized how living things are classified.

In Clades, explore the classification of mammals, reptiles, and arthropods. 12 cards are placed face-up on the play surface. Players race to identify sets of three animals from the same clade, such as three mammals or three arthropods. The player who spots the match wins those cards.

Each player also has a secret card which can be used to make matches. Play solo or race against other players to see who can make the most matches.

The instructions include rules to assist new players and balance the game.

Contains: 83 playing cards and 5 science fact cards, presented in a decorated tin.

Ages: 6+;  1 or more Players;  Gameplay: 15-30 minutes.

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