Chronicles of Crime

London, today. You just left the Police Chief's office. A body was found in Hyde Park, and your boss just made it your case. It's not your first investigation, but something about this one feels worse than usual. You shake off your thoughts, start the engine, and drive to the crime scene. Time to get to work!

Chronicles of Crime is a cooperative game of crime investigation. Using Scan & Play technology to mix digital and board games, it allows for many crime investigation stories to be told with the same components. Interrogate the suspects, collect evidence, and arrest the murderer before you run out of time!

Contains: 40 character cards, 35 evidence categories cards, 10 special items cards, 4 forensic contacts boards, 12 location boards, 1 evidence board, 5 scenarios, 1 tutorial and rulebook.

Ages: 12+;  1-4 Players;  Gameplay: 60-90 minutes.

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