Catch the Vibe

Catch The Vibe is here to see who knows their friends best.

This adult party game tests how well your friends know you by seeing where you land on incredibly specific topics.

You'll set the board up with a set of ranges (like WEIRD/NORMAL and WILD/TAME) and draw a Topic Card (like "Crypto Investments").

One of you will secretly pick where you think it should go based on the ranges, and the rest of you will have to guess as close as you can. Whoever gets closest wins!

Earn more points the closer you get to the truth! The perfect way to pump up the vibes at any game night, barbecue, or party.

Contains: 250 Topic Cards, 50 Range Cards, 1 Game Board, 1 Vibe Master Token, 1 Catch the Vibe Token, 1 Scorepad, 1 Dry-Erase Marker, 1 Game Board.

Ages: 17+;  3-20+ Players;  Gameplay: 30-90 minutes.