Catacombs: Third Edition

Players take control of four Heroes - represented by wooden discs - that must fight their way through a series of rooms filled with monsters controlled by the Overseer player. Battles are fought by skillfully flicking different types of wooden pieces across the game board. The board and obstacles are setup according to the instructions on a series of room cards.

Players shoot their Heroes across the board, trying to kill all the monsters in the room. Once all the Heroes have completed their actions, the Overseer performs all the monster actions in retaliation. When all the monsters are dead, the Heroes collect their treasure and move on to the next room. Items to upgrade your Hero can be purchased from the Merchant.

If the Heroes have survived all the rooms, they will battle their most powerful opponent, one of the Catacomb Lords. The Heroes win when the Catacomb Lord has been defeated.

Contains:  75 wooden pieces, 3 double-sided game boards, 5 player mats, 3 sticker sheets, 140 various cards, and instructions.

Ages:  14+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 60-90 minutes.