Bobby Fischer Learn to Play Chess

Learn to play chess with the specially designed chess set, a nod to Bobby Fischer who was the great American Chess Grandmaster!

This complete chess set is uniquely designed to teach you how to set up the pieces and how each piece may be moved during the game. The guidelines printed on the board will reinforce the basics as you make your moves.

*Exclusive* Equalizer Dice will level the playing field while beginners learn against more experienced players.

While enjoying the game of chess you are also learning vitally important skills such as critical thinking, math development, concentration, and socialization.

Contains: Quarter-fold cardboard chess board, showing exactly how to place your pieces when setting up a new game of chess (board measures 15.75”, with 1.75” squares), detailed instruction manual on how to play chess, including the history of chess, and black and white plastic Staunton style chessmen.

Box measures: 10.5 x 8.5 x 2.38 inches.

Ages: 8+;  2 Players.

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