After Us

2083. Humanity has been extinct for several decades. In this abandoned world, the apes are evolving rapidly. They gather in tribes and learn how to use objects left behind by humans. As the leader of one of these tribes, it's your responsibility to set your fellow apes on the path to collective intelligence.

By placing your cards in a row, you create frames. These allow you to collect resources, score victory points, and benefit from special abilities. Choosing the right layout for your cards is key to winning this tense race for points.

1. Gather apes and have them work together.
2. Activate the frames created this way.
3. Attract new apes to extend your possibilities.

Contains: 1 Main Board, 6 Player Boards, 12 Wooden Player Tokens, 24 Action Discs, 48 Starting Cards, 120 Tribe Cards, 6 Player Aids, 120 Wooden Food Tokens, 47 Energy Tokens, 7 Object Tiles.

Solo mode available!

Ages: 13+;  1-6 Players;  Gameplay: 45 minutes.

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