Side Quest: 7th Sea

Side Quest: 7th Sea is a new, exciting puzzle game from the authors of Escape Tales series set in a world of 7th Sea – widely acclaimed TTRPG system. If you are looking for a game with a twist, full of engaging puzzles (3D environment!), great story line, and packed in a small box, look no further!

To beat this game you will have to be creative, perceptive and able to think out of the box! There may be a monster lurking at the end, but don’t be afraid! You can always bring your friends with you (just don’t feed them to the monster, please!).

No rulebook inside! All you need to do is just open the box and start your new escape room adventure - it's your perfect Open-and-Play game!

Ages; 14+;  1-4 Players;  Gameplay: 60-90 minutes.

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