3 Things: Naughty or Nice

3 Things Naughty or Nice rewards the angels and devils among us while training you for outrageous circumstances such as: being tracked by rabid toddlers, moaning after every sentence, and dangling from the edge of a cliff.

Read life-and-death training scenarios, then quickly choose between 110 bizarre—and bizarrely helpful—objects to improvise the perfect barbaric or benevolent survival strategy.

3 Things Naughty or Nice is a witty game of ridiculous persuasion, perfect for your most creative group of friends.

Contains: 80+ Survival Scenario cards (including two blank cards), 55 double-sided Thing chips, 150 Scoring Rations, 20 Naughty or Nice Bonus Rations, Whistle, and instructions, presented in a zippered canvas tote.

Ages: 16+;  4 or more Players;  Gameplay: 15 minutes.

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