Nerd Spotlight: Pandemic

My favorite board game has to be the classic Pandemic. I’m a huge fan of cooperative games, and Pandemic gives me a perfect opportunity to challenge myself and my team. As of writing, I’ve only ever won two games of Pandemic (I did say favorite, not the one I’m best at), but every game is an exciting race against the odds. You play as a team dispatched by the CDC to combat four rapidly growing contagions across the world. Each player is assigned a random role, from Researcher to Medic to Dispatcher, with many roles in between, though the number depends on how many expansions you’ve included. With all expansions (not including spin-offs) the number of roles shoots up from eight to twenty-three, so every game poses new challenges and opportunities.

Pandemic is a well-paced game full of moments of suspense and a compelling story-line. It really does feel like the fate of the human race depends on you and your team finding cures and dispensing medicines around the world.  You can get Pandemic at Nerd Herd for $39.99, as well as several expansions and spin-offs in our Game Vault.

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