NERD SPOTLIGHT:  Lea on Sorcery Science


Meet Sorcery Science, a small business based out of Pittsburgh, PA!

Carrie & Joe are the owners, designers & makers of these unique, nerdy products… respectively, the right and left brains of the company, if you will.  Carrie is a Science Teacher at the Carnegie Science Center, and Joe is a software engineer by day, and by night he designs molecule jewelry & renovates his house.

Inspired by nature, they find art in molecular structures and bring it to their scientifically accurate, handmade jewelry.  All ear wires, jump rings, and necklaces used by Sorcery Science are made from hypoallergenic, nickel-free, fine silver plated surgical steel.

An original, unforgettable gift for yourself or someone who loves science, if you ask us!

We love finding people who are passionate about their nerdiness!

And we’re full of Adrenaline
having their products back at Nerd Herd!

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