Zimby Mojo

Zimby Mojo is a co-opportunistic game -- The players must work together to advance the game to a winnable state, then turn against each other as opportunities arise until a winner emerges.  Each player takes on the role of the all-powerful shaman of a unique tribe of creatures called zimbies and uses their and their tribe's mojo to try to topple the Cannibal King and take his place as the ruler of the zimby tribes!

Zimbies are vicious, conniving little cannibals.  They are small, stubborn, anti-heroes in a game of control of a land of nasty little creatures. They are not human: each zimby tribe has followed its own cultural and evolutionary path -- there are humanoid zimbies, avian zimbies, aquatic zimbies, simian zimbies, ursine zimbies, arachnid zimbies, the list goes on!  That's why there's a bunch of reptilian-eyed, orange-skinned, clawed creatures on the box!

Will your group's cohort of tribes succeed in defeating the Cannibal King?  And, if so, will your zimbies get his Crown home first...?

Contains: one 21x21 game board, 8 player mats, Bag o' Fate, 2 sticker sheets, 82 punch out tokens, 149 wooden creature tokens, 104 scroll cards, 4 quick reference cards, 2 6-sided dice, 1 4-sided die, and rulebook.

Ages: 14+;  1-8 Players;  Gameplay: 20-120 minutes.

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