Ultimate Werewolf: Artifacts Expansion

In addition to their Ultimate Werewolf role card,  each player (up to 30 players) receives their own Artifact card. They secretly look at that card, which is an Artifact with a special power. At any time during the game, the player can choose to reveal their Artifact card and use its special power.

Some Artifacts, like the Cloak of the Prince, provide a direct benefit to the player with the Artifact. Others, like the Cudgel of the Old Hag, impact other players. And still others, like the Ring of Truth, provide information about another player in the game. Some Artifacts might not be to your benefit to use right away, like the Claw of the Werewolf, but others, like the Ruby of Kismet, might cause someone to reveal and activate an Artifact anyway!

This expansion provides a whole new layer to Ultimate Werewolf games, adding new strategies and tactics to your games. Each game is different, with unique combinations of artifacts in the mix.

*The base game, Ultimate Werewolf, is required to play this expansion.

Contains: 44 unique Artifact cards, rules and detailed descriptions of every artifact in the game.

Ages: 8+;  5-30 Players;  Gameplay: 30-90 minutes.

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