Tower of Madness

Investigate Unspeakable Horrors, Without Losing Your Marbles! Literally.

A three-dimensional clock tower, stands over a foot tall, filled with marbles. Thirty otherworldly tentacles push through the tower walls in every direction, in this high-tension, push-your-luck dice game of Lovecraft inspired horror. 

Dice challenges may cause you to fail and you may slip into insanity -  or summon Cthulhu and end the world itself. But not all marbles that fall are bad. Some unlock further discoveries, including forbidden knowledge in the form of Spell cards.

You win, either by saving the world as the best Investigator with the highest discovery total - or by being the Insane player who actually caused Cthulhu to rise!

Contains: 15-inch tower, plastic base, (30) 9-inch plastic tentacles, (40) marbles, (5) custom dice, (54) cards (Locations, Spells, Investigators), (5) investigator boards, and rules.

Ages: 14+;  3-5 Players;  Gameplay: 40-60 Players.

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