The Genius Star

This easy-to-learn table game includes a combination of grids, dice, blockers and colored shapes. Play solo or race an opponent to fill in the grid. There are 165,888 possible solutions in the 48 triangle spaces grid. Each puzzle has at least one solution; some have multiple solutions.  Great game to take on the go anywhere!

STEM board game that promotes problem solving, spatial awareness, and motor manipulation skill training.

How to Play:

  1. Roll all seven dice together.
  2. Each player places the 7 blockers into the squares of each grid to match the seven co-ordinates that appear on the dice.
  3. RACE TIME! Each player will fill the colored shapes into every other space on the grid, either against an opponent or against the clock.
  4. Whoever finishes first is the winner!

BONUS: Make a Golden Star with the colored shapes for an additional win!

Contains:  Two star grids, 7 dice, 2 sets of seven blockers, 2 sets of eleven colored shapes, and instructions.

Ages: 8+;  1-2 Players.

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