The Case of the Smoking Pipe

Can you remove the tobacco from the pipe, without moving the pipe or touching the ash?

In one of Holmes’ most extraordinary cases to date, it appears that the suspect has cleverly evaded capture. The fiend, however, has imparted a small but significant clue – a smoldering pipe left at the scene of the crime. Help Holmes identify the tobacco and reveal the identity of his scheming foe by removing the tobacco before it crumbles to ash.

Develop your problem solving skills - Can you preserve the clue and identify the suspect?

Think like the great Sherlock Holmes himself as you attempt to solve the puzzle and bonus matchstick challenges.

A perfect gift for any brain game enthusiast, budding detective, and Sherlock Holmes fan.

Contains:  1 beautifully crafted natural wooden pipe & challenge, bonus 20 matchstick challenges and 16 matchsticks, and instructions.

Ages:  8+.