The Master Theorem Elite: A Harder Book of Puzzles, Intrigue and Wit

You solved all of M's mind-bending puzzles in book one and earned your way into the ranks of The Master Theorem. Now it's time to level up.

"The Master Theorem: Elite" is M's devilishly difficult second installment, teasing, "What if I told you there was more? That you could go higher, further, faster?" Promising to be an even "harder" book of puzzles, intrigue, and wit, "Elite" comes with 40+ all new Theorems, 5 additional "training" Theorems, and of course, hints and solutions in back.

Dubbed "Mensa's evil twin" by The New York Times, The Master Theorem originated in 2011 as an online "secret society of solvers" and quickly developed a cult following. Its larger-than-life figurehead was the cryptic polymath known only as M who posted mysterious puzzles, called Theorems, each week at midnight.

M's Theorems are not your average Sudoku or crossword puzzles. They're each completely unique, beautifully illustrated, "escape room"-like puzzles that'll have you decrypting messages and tackling creative brain-teasers. Solvers will enjoy weeks to months of neuron-growing entertainment as they work their way through M's 40+ perplexing puzzles and become experts in codes, ciphers, and the mysteries of the universe.

Made in the USA!

Paperback;  224 color pages.

Ages: 13-113.