The Hands Stand - Coral

The handiest way to hold tablets and books!  Designed to hold and hug, this safe pair of soft-touch hands will gently grip the pages of an open reading book, comic or text book. Not to miss a trick, they are perfectly positioned to grip a tablet snugly too! And when you’re finished? Fold it up and slip it into your bag!

Ingenious design with spring-loaded hands that will hold on tightly to your book or tablet, freeing up your own hands for all kinds of other useful things.

Folds down making it easy to carry around so you can use it on the train, plane and office as well as at home.

Ideal to use with paperbacks, hardbacks or tablets, with easy access to allow for use whilst charging.

Easy to prop up at just the right angle and stays securely in place with spring lock mechanism.

Contains: one stand.